Homeownership Assistance

The City of Marietta Homeownership Program is designed to assist eligible low-to-moderate income families to purchase a home within the City of Marietta limits.

  • Applicants must have not owned a home in the last three (3) years
  • Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or a permanent resident alien
  • Cash assets must be less than $10,000 (not including retirement accounts)
  • Applicants must have been pre-approved by lender (documentation of the pre-approval is required at application)
  • Applicants must enter into an agreement with the lender and the CDBG Program
  • Any judgments against the homebuyer must be paid off
  • Any bankruptcy must have been discharged at least two (2) years
  • Applicants must attend approved homebuyer education classes
  • Buyers must meet HUD low-to-moderate income guidelines. These income limits are updated annually
  • Maximum home sales price with no rehabilitation needed = $250,000
  • Assistance must be approved by the lender, and can only be combined with other assistance upon lender approval

CDBG assistance may address some of the financial deficiencies the applicant encounters during the purchase of a home. Assistance will be in the form of a Second Mortgage Deferred Loan-up to $10,000.00. Assistance can be used to cover down payment, or closing costs and fees not covered by the seller. No monthly payment is required. This loan is deferred for twenty years provided the purchaser resides in the property as their primary residence for twenty years. This loan is repayable upon transfer of title, refinance or demise. If the homeowner remains in the home for twenty years, the loan is forgiven.

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Homebuyer Education Resources

  • Resources for Residents and Communities – (404) 525-4130 – rrc-atl.org
  • SUMMECH CDC, Inc. – (404) 527-5465 – summechcdc.org
  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta – (404) 659-1150 – ulgatl.org