Building Permits

Welcome to our newest feature, ONLINE PLAN SUBMITTAL  

Please use the link below for more information and to learn how to submit your plans online. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this new system. Please contact our Permit Technicians or plan review staff for more information. 


Please email or call if you have any questions or concerns, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming ONLINE PERMITTING to begin soon!

Building permits are required after approval of site plans for:

  • All new construction
  • Alterations to existing construction when owner or agent intends to
    • Enlarge
    • Alter
    • Repair
    • Move
    • Demolish
    • Change occupancy of a building
    • Deck Replacement
    • Gutter installation
    • New Window Installation
    • Garage Doors
  • Temporary buildings

Plans are required for all commercial and residential building:

*Specific Measurements, depths, thicknesses
*Footing, slab, or wall details
*Types of wood members or steel reinforcement to be utilized
*Electrical, Plumbing, and/or Mechanical drawings, if required.

All restaurants, food catering businesses or food serving facilities must obtain approval from the:

Cobb County Health Department
Office of Environmental Safety
3830 South Cobb Drive, Suite 102
Marietta, GA 30080

The Health Department must grant approval before a building permit will be issued, and they can be reached at 770-435-7815.