Building Permits


*We are no longer accepting faxed,
email, or paper copies of permits or
plans for submittal*

Please use the link below for more information and to learn how to submit your plans online. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this new system.
Please contact our Permit Technicians or plan
review staff for more information. 



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If you are a RESIDENTIAL Property Owner that wishes to act as your own general contractor on your home, foregoing the requirement to hire a State of Georgia Licensed General Contractor, Please click here for a copy of the  Property Owner Affidavit that you may complete and upload with your permit when you register on SagesGov.

PLAN REVIEW FEE SCHEDULE                                          

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- Under 250K= $125 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $250,001 up to $500k= $250 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $500,001 up to $1 Million= $500 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $1 Million and over= $1,000 Flat Rate


Please email or call if you have any questions or concerns.


Building permits are required

 after approval of site plans for:

  • All new construction
  • Alterations to existing construction when owner or agent intends to
    • Enlarge
    • Alter
    • Repair
    • Move
    • Demolish
    • Change occupancy of a building
    • Deck Replacement
    • New Window Installation
    • Garage Doors
  • Temporary buildings

Plans are required for all commercial and residential building:

*Specific Measurements, depths, thicknesses
*Footing, slab, or wall details
*Types of wood members or steel reinforcement to be utilized
*Electrical, Plumbing, and/or Mechanical drawings, if required.


Permit Fee Schedule

• $4 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor + materials)
• $50 base fee
• No plan review fee

Commercial / Institutional  (Based on Cost of Construction)
• $250K or less: $3 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor + materials)
• $50 base fee
• Plan review fee*

• $250K or greater: $5 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor +  materials)
• $50 base fee
• Plan review fee* 


Re-permitting fees

(applicable to permits expired for 1 year or less)
• Footing or Foundation Stage - 100% Standard permit fee
• Framing Stage - 50% Standard permit fee
• Final Stage - 30% Standard permit fee
• Renewal Fee (applicable to permits expired for 5 years or less to be renewed by initial permits applicant) - Use minimum permit fee

Permit for Moving of Building or Structures:
• $100.00 For the moving of any building or structure

Permit for Demolition of Building or Structure:
• $100.00 for the demolition of any building or structure   


Land disturbance permits

$30 flat fee

• Less than 1 acre - $10
• Equal to or greater than 1 acre - $50 per acre 

Land Disturbance Permit Application

*Please visit the respective permit page for more information and click the button to submit your information.

Mechanical permit 
• Per mechanical permit worksheet
(click here) 

Electrical permit

• Per electrical permit worksheet
(click here) 

Plumbing permit

• Per plumbing permit worksheet
(click here)

Note: All MEP permits have $30 minimum fee


Health Department approval is required for the following specified types of business/ trades:

All restaurants

Food catering businesses 

Any commercial food serving facilities 

Commercial swimming pools

Residential swimming pools on properties utilizing septic systems


Body art studios

Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Center for Environmental Health
1738 County Services Pkwy, 2nd Floor
Marietta, GA 30008

The Health Department must grant approval before a building permit will be issued, and they can be reached at 770-435-7815.