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Elizabeth Porter Park (Under Construction)


Elizabeth Porter Park

Elizabeth Porter Statue Design

Proposed Elizabeth Porter Mural design and symbolism


Elizabeth Porter Park is scheduled to open in Spring 2018!  Featuring a walking track, spray ground, and pavilion, the site will be a great recreational amenity for Mariettans.  Click here to see plans for the park!

Site History + Public Art
The park's location is a site of local historical significance.  During the era of segregation, African-American residents had inadequate access to medical care within Cobb County.  To improve the quality of care, African-American citizens started a campaign that successfully fundraised, constructed, and operated the Cobb County Cooperative Negro Hospital with the support of the City of Marietta and the city's white residents.  After the opening of Kennestone Hospital in 1950, the Cooperative Hospital closed.  The building was repurposed as a recreation center that served the surrounding African American neighborhood of Baptist Town.  The building remained in use for citywide residents until 2015.  

While the building was demolished, Marietta City Council wanted to reflect this history via the use of public art within the new park.  The Elizabeth Porter Historic Monument, Art, and Murals Committee plans to install a statue of Mrs. Porter and has proposed a mural design that depicts the history of the site and surrounding Baptist Town community.

Planned Statue Design
Reflecting Mrs. Porter's 22 years as recreation center manager and the young lives she influence, the statue shows Mrs. Porter with two children ready to play at her side.  The planned statue design can be seen at the top of this page.

Proposed Mural Design

A 130-ft mural based on community history and interviews is planned for the site.  If viewed from right to left, the mural is primarily a timeline spanning from the start of the Baptist Town community until the opening of the park in present day.  It is framed by the community champions of Rev. Edwards, Dr. M.J. Woods, and Mrs. Kathryn Woods on the right while the left shows Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, the park's namesake, looking over the park.  A link to the full length copy of the mural design and explanation of some of the history can be seen at the top of this page.  

For information regarding the new park please contact Marietta Parks, Recreation and Facilities at (770) 794-5601