School Fire & Safety Education

The Marietta Fire Department offers students in and around City of Marietta schools six fire safety lessons. The elementary school program provides progressive lessons that build on the previous year's information. Each class allows the students to engage in the program for better learning and understanding of fire safety.


This program uses the "friendly firefighter" approach to teach the students that a firefighter's number one job is to help people and that firefighters are their friends. Emphasis is placed on students seeing a firefighter put on their fire gear step by step to help students understand a firefighter in full gear is the same person who was just wearing a simple uniform.
Students are taught about the dangers of lighters, matches, and fireworks as well as the importance of and the actions to take if a smoke alarm goes off.

The students are introduced to the proper use of the 911 system and what information they will need to know when calling for help.

First Grade

The first grade program builds on the kindergarten program. Marietta still uses the "friendly firefighter" approach because some of the children may have been absent or have transferred from another school.

The program expands and covers the information in more detail. Home fire escape plans are covered with emphasis placed on the students knowing their address, how to call 911, developing a family meeting place, and alternate routes of exiting a home in the event of a fire.
Students are taught how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” in case their clothes ever catch on fire and provided the opportunity to demonstrate on this on gymnasium mats.

Second Grade

The second grade program is comprised of two parts: the first being a school visit by firefighters and the second being a field trip to the Cobb County Safety Village. During the school visit, firefighters review fire safety information with the children by reading through a fire safety coloring book.

At the Cobb County Safety Village, the children become part of the learning by using role-playing and hands-on exercises. This is nearly a 100% student-involved learning experience. Here the students learn about safety in many aspects of life including proper hygiene, fires, stranger danger, bicycle & pedestrian safety, railroads, and firearms.


Third Grade

The 3rd grade program introduces the students to the Science of Fire and the Fire Triangle. Students learn what is necessary for fire to occur and how they can prevent or stop fires from occurring in their communities. Students review basic at-home fire safety and further lean the importance of smoke alarms including their function, yearly testing, and when to know if a smoke alarm unit needs to be replaced.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade program consists of three parts. The first is a visit where firefighters come to the classroom, reviews basic fire safety and then gives a pre-test on fire safety knowledge. The students are provided a fire safety workbook, and the first two sections are completed in class with the firefighter.
The remaining portions of the workbook are completed in class as well as for homework in preparation for their visit to the Cobb Safety Village. The students are required to complete a fire inspection checklist for their home and draw a fire escape plan.

Lastly, the students will visit the Cobb Safety Village where they will build upon their visit from second grade. Students are introduced to new material including booster seat safety, utilities safety in the community, and pool/water safety.

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Fifth Grade

The fifth grade program takes the students to the next level and prepares them to make proper decisions as they become young adults. The program discusses the negative effects of setting fires intentionally (arson) and the lifetime consequences that may occur.
Additionally, students are taught how they can make a positive impact on their community through fire safety and sharing their knowledge with their families.



The Marietta Fire Department assists in the Marietta High School Career Pathways program. One focus of this program provides the opportunity for high school students to learn the basics of public service careers in Fire, Police, and EMS. Students who continue with the program are able to choose a specific public service pathway and learn more concentrated material in a specific public service field.

Additionally, the Marietta Fire Department is instrumental in the annual “Last Date” demonstration at the high school. This very in-depth strategic demonstration of a severe car accident shows students exactly what is involved in the emergency response efforts from the time of the accident through the extrication and transport of patients and aftermath. The demonstration is aimed at encouraging students to make better decisions when driving a vehicle.
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