How Power Is Restored

When you experience a power outage, you can typically expect a restoration within a few hours. However, during major storms, the outages may be caused by severe damage that can lengthen the outages. The Marietta Power Control Center will respond as soon as either a smart device notifies us or a customer reports an outage. Since we do not have smart devices on the entire grid, it is still important to always report your outage. After your power outage is reported, you may see a power truck drive by your home without stopping. Unless you are the only customer without power, there is nothing the crew can do at your home to get power restored any more quickly. The crew will be driving to the problem, whether that is a tree down or something else. 

Power Outage Priorities

  1. Transmission Lines
    • Transmission lines supply power from the power plant to substations. When these go out, thousands of customer will usually be affected. It is not common for these to be the source of an outage, but they are typically the most severe.
  2. Distribution Substations
    • On the Marietta Power system, a substation breaker can serve up to 2,000 customers, and a substation can have up to 9 breakers. Most breakers have less than 1,000 customers and a station averages 4-5 breakers, but when a substation goes out, it is typically very severe.
  3. Main Distribution Lines
    • The main distribution line is immediately connected to the substation breaker with no other protection device. When these lines fail, all the customers on the substation breaker will be affected. These outages can sometimes be isolated to lessen the impact, but they are still one of the most severe outage sources. 
  4. Tap Lines
    • These lines are connected to the main distribution line via a protective device like a fuse or recloser. Tap lines may feed anywhere from large neighborhoods to a few homes. These outages are not typically reported by smart devices.
  5. Distribution Transformer
    • Outages involving transformers or service lines will typically only affect just your home or business and maybe a few neighbors. If you have an outage that persists after the rest of your neighborhood is restored. It is important to call the power control center at 770-794-5160 and make them aware. This will help get your power back on as quickly as possible.
  6. Homeowner Repairs
    • Certain outages may be caused by damage to a mast pipe or other equipment owned by the homeowner. In these outages, you must have the equipment you own repaired by a certified electrician before the power can be cut back on. Marietta Power will do everything we can to notify you if your home needs this kind of repair.