Water Heater & HVAC Virtual Inspection

Virtual Inspection pic1

The City of Marietta is now requiring all "stand-alone" MEP inspections, such as water heaters and HVAC changeouts in occupied homes be accomplished by way of the Microsoft 'Teams' cell phone application.   This provides a safer and cleaner inspection process for our residents and inspectors. 

It is the responsibility of the permitting contractor to ensure installers, on-site, have Microsoft Teams capability.  Teams is an app to app service that allows the installer to create a profile.  The chosen username is how we will contact your installer.

  • *When an inspection is needed the installer will call our main number, 770-794-5659, Option 6, and leave a CLEAR voicemail for our inspector to contact you on your Microsoft Teams app to perform the virtual inspection.   
  • Installer should BE PREPARED to leave the voicemail for the inspector with his/ her Name, the phone number of the installer, and the registered Microsoft Teams username that will be used that day.  
  • *Please call before 3pm so our inspector can have time to complete your inspection and enter it the same day.
  • *Within 30 minutes, The inspector will attempt to make contact with your installer via TEAMS and via phone # no more than twice during the given window.  If no contact, the inspection will be “Disapproved” and your installer will be responsible for requesting the inspection again, on a different day. 
  • *We WILL NOT do a virtual inspection with the homeowner, as your installer is the representative of your permitted work on each site.  

For your convenience, this is a SAME- DAY inspection; These inspections will be completed on the day the work is completed.  This does, per code, require that you have your permit purchased and with the installer at the time of the installation/ inspection.