Advanced Vehicle Extrication

Changing Technology

With ever-changing technology in motor vehicles, it is critical that fire departments stay abreast of current trends in the auto industry. Challenges posed by electric plug-in type vehicles and extrication involving vehicles with advanced steels require special equipment and training to overcome. Adding to the challenge is another rising trend of distracted driving. U.S. drivers are more distracted than ever. According to the 2011 National Occupant Protection Use Survey on Driver Electronics Use, at any given daylight moment in 2011, an estimated 660,000 drivers were using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving.


In recent years, the Marietta Fire Department has ramped up its effort to equip and train its crews in advanced extrication techniques. We regularly train on vehicles on their roof or side, school bus accidents with victim entrapment, overturned cement trucks and semi-tractor trailers, as well as many other high impact motor vehicle crashes. A number of personnel have attended regional extrication schools and have returned to share their knowledge of lifting operations, large truck tactics, and other unique extrication situations. View our advanced vehicle extrication photo gallery of images from drills, demonstrations, and car accidents.
Extrication Training