About Your Bill

Inte​ra​​ctive Sample Bill

Billing Cycle

Marietta Power and Water issues bills in 17 billing cycles. Your actual billing date will vary no more than one or two days during a month. If you don't receive your bill near your normal billing date, please contact us because we cannot accept responsibility for delays in mailing caused by the postal service.

Your billing date is determined by your service location. All billing cycles are arranged geographically to make our meter reading system as efficient as possible.


Our meter readers use a hand-held computer to enter meter readings. This device may ask for verification if the consumption appears to be abnormally high or low. Meter reading accuracy is monitored and is consistently more than 99%.

Early Payment Discount

If you pay your bill within 10 days of the date of billing, you may pay the 10% discounted amount which is offered for early payment (electric service only). This amount is indicated on your bill as the "Net Amount." Customers making payment after this date should pay the actual gross amount.

Purchased Power Adjustment

This amount reflects the actual cost of fuel used to generate the electricity for that particular billing period. We cannot include all fuel costs in our base rates because the cost of fuel fluctuates from month to month. The purchased power adjustment gives us some flexibility to handle these cost fluctuations.

Franchise Fee

A fee collected by the city of Marietta for granting Marietta Power the use of public right of ways and streets to serve the public at large.


As with all utilities in Georgia, a sales tax must be charged on your electric bill.

Disconnection Procedures

If your account shows a balance of $10 or more and is not paid in full by due date, service will be subject to disconnection.

Payment Options

Learn more about how to pay your bill.

Senior Citizen Discount

For customers 65 years of age or older whose income does not exceed $20,000 yearly we extend our normal 10 day discount period to a full 30 days.