Tax Division


The Tax Division is located on the first floor of City Hall.

Assessment Notice Includes an Estimation of Taxes

The Cobb County Tax Assessors office mails annual assessment notices to all owners of taxable property before July 1. This notice includes an estimate of taxes based on the prior year millage rates and the current year value. This is only an estimate and does not include exemptions for people living in cities.

The Marietta Tax Division's major responsibility is to ensure effective management of all taxes levied by the city including real estate, personal property, Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA), and public utilities. Other responsibilities include:

  • Assist, guide and inform the citizens of the city of Marietta on matters concerning tax issues.
  • Manage approximately 22,000 tax accounts each year.
  • Send tax bills to taxpayers, collect payments and report all revenue to the Finance Department.

Important dates and deadlines

January 1

  • Age requirements for exemptions for elderly.
  • Disability requirements for the disabled.
  • Ownership and occupancy requirements.
  • Property taxed according to status.

January 1 - April 1

  • Real and personal property tax returns (Cobb County).

By April 1

  • All homestead exemption applications

Taxes due

  • The 2021 property taxes are due October 29, 2021.

Full City Services, Low Taxes

Marietta property taxes are the lowest of any city with more than 10,000 residents in metro Atlanta.


The Marietta City Council does hereby announce that the millage rate will be set at a meeting to be held at Marietta City Hall, 205 Lawrence Street in the Council Chamber on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at 5:15 p.m. and pursuant to the requirements of O.C.G.A. Section 48-5-32 does hereby publish the following presentation of the current year's tax digest and levy, along with the history of the tax digest and levy for the past five years.


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