Solid Waste

Large Item Pickup

  • Residents must go online fill out request pick up/special items form to make arrangements for collection of larger trash items that cannot fit into a garbage can.
  • Please do not place large items by the street for collection unless you have notified the Sanitation Department to arrange for pickup.
  • The individual household will be billed for collection of these items.
  • Any large items should be placed by the residence's curb only on collection day (if prior arrangements have been made for pick up).

Garbage Container Guidelines

  • All trash containers should be stored in garages or at the rear of the residence and placed by the curb only on collection day.
  • Households must have an adequate number of garbage cans with tight fitting lids.
  • All trash must be stored in containers.
  • Trash cans must display an official city of Marietta decal in order to be emptied.

Items Not Collected

  • Households, contractors and tree surgeons are responsible for the disposal of construction debris, tires, demolition/remodeling waste and trees or oversized limbs.
  • These items or waste materials will not be collected by the city.