Marietta Tree Keepers

Mission Statement - To improve the livability and quality of life for present and future citizens of Marietta through tree and companion planting, education and environmentally sound planning.

Important Announcements/Upcoming Events:

Dear Volunteers and Members:

We hope you are all staying at home and staying safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We know this is our current new normal but we look forward to gathering again in the future, when it is safe for us all to do so.  We had scheduled our April maintenance event for April 25th but due to the stay-at-home order, we are postponing this event for a future time to be determined when it does not put all of us in harm's way. We are currently working on a Spring Newsletter that you will receive in your mail box or via email, depending on which we have on file, so this is something you can look forward to receiving in the next 30 days.

We ask that you stay safe, stay home, stay positive and keep yourself and your families healthy.

Board of Directors 

Marietta Tree Keepers  


Board Members

  • Jim Gross, Chairperson
  • Michael 'Pic' Petelle, Vice Chairperson 
  • Jim Morris, Secretary
  • Holly Walquist, Treasurer
  • Laing Heidt
  • Shelley House
  • Chet Ladd
  • Linda Spears
  • Joe Burgess

City of Marietta Staff Liaisons

  • Bill Bruton
  • Rich Buss
  • Shelby Little
  • Rich Deckman
  • Maggi Moss

Who We Are

Marietta Tree Keepers is a 501(c)(3)non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to planting, preserving and protecting trees in and around the city of Marietta, Georgia.  Marietta is a city rich in history, yet challenged by tremendous growth.

We work very closely with our city government.  We were established in March of 2002.  The organization grew out of a need identified by a local citizens group named IMPACT: Involved Mariettans Planning Actively for the City of Tomorrow.  The organization has raised $42,000 in grants, over $29,000 in memberships and donations and planted over 15000 trees.  The organization has 9 directors, 5 City of Marietta staff liaisons and over 250+ volunteers.  We have planted trees in over 50 locations within the city.  This planting season celebrates our 17th season of planting trees in the City of Marietta.

Our main strategy is to educate the public about trees; their selection, planting, watering and maintenance. We help them to understand the importance of our abundant great trees, which we are fortunate to have in this 180 year old community. Where once these trees were cleared for farming, now they are once again threatened by development and road construction.  We emphasize the many benefits that trees have for our community such as: reducing air and noise pollution, cooling the air, conserving energy and helping to manage our precious water resources, reducing soil erosion, enhancing wildlife habitat and greenspace, not to mention raising property values.

WSB-TV awarded Marietta Tree Keepers a “Going Green Champion” for its work to make sure future generations enjoy the city’s trees.

Helpful Documents

City of Marietta Tree Ordinance

The purpose of the ordinance (PDF) is to facilitate the preservation and/or replacement of trees as part of the land development process within the municipal boundaries of the city of Marietta.

Helpful Documents