Board of Directors - Power & Water


PositionRepresentativeContact Information
Term expires May 12, 2027
Bruce E. Coyle770-222-6850
Email Bruce E Coyle
Mayor / Chair of Board
Term in Office
Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin
Email Steve "Thunder" Tumlin

P.O. Box 609
Marietta, GA 30061
Term expires October 13, 2024
Michael G. Wilson770-422-8721
Email Michael G. Wilson
Council Representative
Term expires December 31, 2023
 G. A. (Andy) Morris
Email Andy Morris
Term expires July 13, 2027
Alice R. Summerour
Email Alice R. Summerour
Term expires March 12, 2026
Terry G. Lee
Email Terry G. Lee
Term expires August 12, 2025
J. Brian Torras
Email J. Brian Torras

BLW General Manager

The governing Board of Lights and Water (BLW) consists of 7 members. The Mayor of the City of Marietta serves as the chairperson and appoints one member of City Council to the Board. The City Council appoints the remaining five members, each of which must receive service from Marietta Power and Water. Three Marietta residents serve on our Board as well as one resident outside the City of Marietta and one business owner. The business owner's business must receive services from Marietta Power and Water, and the owner must live in Cobb County.

Mission of the Board

The Marietta BLW mission is to provide high quality, reliable, and competitive utility services to our customers and a fair return to the citizens of Marietta. We are proud of the use of advancing technologies in our utilities systems and will remain a leader in innovation. We are committed, through sound business practices, to balancing our responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner to the customers we serve, our employees, our community, and our business associates.

The Marietta BLW welcomes customers and visitors to board meetings and is willing to hear any person wishing to address the board.

Public Appearances Before the Board

Request to make a public appearance before the BLW Board.