Designated Area Tax Credits

Business located in Marietta's Opportunity Zones (OZs), Military Zones (MZs) and Less Developed Census Tracts (LDCTs) may qualify for the state of Georgia's highest job tax credits. Businesses who meet state Job Tax Credit Program requirements for OZs, MZs, and LDCTs can receive a $3,500 state income tax credit per new job for up to 5 years. The job creation threshold for program certification to receive OZ and MZ job tax credits is 2 new jobs in a single year. The job creation threshold for program certification to receive LDCT job tax credits is 5 new jobs in a single year.

Marietta Military Zones

The Military Zone Job Tax Credit Program provides additional benefits to business located in specified census tracts or additionally designated areas which are adjacent to a military base and considered to be less developed or have a higher rate of poverty.

State Opportunity Zones

Business located in areas designated by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) as an Opportunity Zone may qualify for a $3,500 tax credit for 5 years when 2 or more eligible net new jobs are created within a single tax year. The Opportunity Zone Job Tax Credit can be taken against a new or existing business’ Georgia income tax liability. Employers may use excess credits against withholding taxes. The law allows for any lawful business to qualify for the credit, including retail, so it is not limited to specific industries like the state’s regular job tax credit program. Businesses may claim the job tax credits for up to 5 years, as long as the jobs created are maintained. Marietta’s Opportunity Zones Job Tax Credit Program will expire December 2019.