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Posted on: August 17, 2023

Marietta First in the Country to Use Innovative Technology to Reduce Commutes and Improve Safety

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August 17, 2023

CONTACT: Lindsey Wiles

Communications Manager


MARIETTA - The City of Marietta is proud to announce that it is the first government in the country to integrate its traffic data with the Waze app, Apple Maps and several vehicles manufacturers built-in navigation systems.  The participating manufacturers currently include Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa-Romeo.  Citizens can expect notifications from common hazards including active school zones, speed warnings and will be alerted to the presence of nearby and approaching first responder vehicles, giving them more time to safely avoid collision. Information on the City’s digital message boards will also be presented to the drivers as they enter and navigate through the city. 

In 2017, the City of Marietta, GA became the first fully connected municipal traffic network in the United States through a partnership with Applied Information (a.i.) and the Marietta TravelSafely program.  Marietta TravelSafely is a program that ties traffic devices together, so they can share data and make better decisions about the traffic network.  This program connects first responders, school beacons, driver feedback signs, and anonymous smartphones using the app into a connected network. The app enables motorists driving through Marietta to be alerted to the presence of nearby and approaching first responder vehicles. First responders in Marietta are automatically given green lights at pre-cleared intersections to provide a safer route and shorten response time.  This pre-emption is not based on line of sight, but rather on proximity to the location of the traffic signals based on the direction and speed of the fire vehicles.  This new approach to pre-emption has reduced times for emergency calls by approximately 2 minutes per call.  According to the American Heart Association 2 minutes saved on the response to an emergency can be the difference in saving a person’s life who is experiencing cardiac arrest.   

The City of Marietta, GA continues to build partnerships to enhance community safety and is looking forward to expanding citizen focused safety programs that will reduce travel time and distracted driving accidents.  Now the City of Marietta is excited to announce that it will begin delivering alerts to drivers directly through vehicle infotainment systems and popular navigation platforms, thanks to an integration between Travel Safely and Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert. 

HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud is the nation’s leading digital alerting solution, delivering real-time V2X warnings to drivers in millions of vehicles from leading manufacturers and brands including such as Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo.  In addition, Safety Cloud alerts are delivered to users of navigation apps such as Waze and Apple Maps. As more vehicle manufacturers and navigation platforms integrate with Safety Cloud, digital alerts from the service will reach even more drivers on the road.

Marietta’s Travel Safely program’s integration with Safety Cloud means that Marietta citizens are the first in the country who can use their app of choice to be alerted to traffic information from the City of Marietta’s innovative traffic network.  This innovative and cutting-edge network will enable travelers in Marietta to avoid delay and traffic congestion within the city of Marietta.  This will enable citizens to travel more efficiently and safely throughout the city of Marietta.  This is just one of the ways that Marietta is improving driving experience.  The City of Marietta continues to be a National leader in traffic innovation.  

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