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CP Test

  1. Police Info

    Use this for requesting....

CP-Jennifer's Forms

  1. General Information

    For informational questions from public


  1. Atherton Square Comment Form
  2. Mountain to River Trail "Gap" Comment Form

    Please share your opinion on planning options and potential solution. Your input is critical to the success of this project.

  1. Comments Form
  2. Stormwater Quality Survey

Fire & Rescue

  1. Business Education Request

    In an attempt to meet the needs of businesses set forth by insurance companies and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration,... More…

  2. Home Fire Safety Visit Request Form
  3. Safe Neighborhoods - Contact Information Form
  1. Car Safety Seat Installation Request

    Use this form to schedule an appointment for a car safety seat installation.

  2. Marietta Fire Dept. - Incident Report Request

    Please use this form to request a copy of an incident report involving the City of Marietta Fire Department.


  1. Explorer Program Sign Up

    To report criminal activity, a nuisance, traffic problem or any other situation, please complete this form.

Power & Water

  1. Budget Billing Application
  2. Get Your Free Energy Matters Guide

    This guide is designed to help you understand your energy use and take action according to a no-nonsense, energy-saving plan.

  1. Distributed Generation Application
  2. Service Termination Request


  1. Change Your Address
  1. Vendor Evaluation Form

    Opportunity for Vendors to evaluate their business experience with the City of Marietta


  1. Request Pickup of Special Items

    Use the following form to request a pickup of special items. There is a charge for this service, as outlined in the price list.

Tax Division

  1. Change of Address and Homestead Exemption Removal

    Complete and submit this form to request a change of mailing address and/or to request the Homestead Exemption removal.