Qualifications & Pay Rates


  • Must be at least 19.75 years of age at time of written exam.
  • Must be fluent in the English language (including reading, writing and speaking).
  • High School graduate or GED for entry rate #1.
  • Valid driver's license and satisfactory 7-year driving history.
  • Free of any felony or domestic violence convictions or sufficient misdemeanor convictions to evidence a pattern.
  • Ability to meet physical and mental demands of the position.
  • Successful completion of written exam, background check including criminal & credit history and oral exams.
  • Must be able to show proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • (18) month working test period required.
  • Basic computer skills
CRU cars in July 4th Parade


  • AA/AS degree or higher from an accredited postsecondary institution
  • Prior law enforcement experience with a local, state or federal agency
  • Prior military experience
  • Bi-lingual – speak, read, write fluently (Spanish preference)
  • Law Enforcement Explorers from any post and Law Enforcement Interns
  • Public Safety Cadets from any unit, Law Enforcement Explorers from any post
  • Public Safety Ambassadors and Prisoner Transport Officers working for the Marietta Police Department 


  • Shift Differential/Hazardous Duty Pay
    • Evening Watch - $0.50/ hour
    • Morning Watch - $1.00/ hour
  • On-Call Pay (1.14 hours per day while on-call status for court)
  • SWAT Officer Pay ($1.00/ hour)
  • CRT Officer Pay ($1.00/ hour)
  • Field Training Officer Pay (one hour additional OT per day while training a recruit)
  • Senior Police Officer Pay
  • Recruiting Incentive of $1,000 per referral we hire (*see HR for details)
  • Paid time off
    • Holidays - 12 paid holidays per year
    • Vacation – Employees accrue 10 paid vacation days a year (increases every 5 years of employment)
    • Sick Leave – Employees accrue 10 days of sick leave per year
    • Comp Time – Time off with pay in lieu of overtime pay for irregular or occasional overtime work


  • Officers are paid weekly.
  • The City of Marietta does not participate in Social Security; employees keep an extra 6.2% of their salary.
  • Employees pay 4% into the pension plan; City of Marietta pays 14.5% into employee pension.
  • The City of Marietta pays 6.13% of the salary of full-time employees into the supplemental pension.

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