Property Tax

The property tax in Georgia is a tax on real and personal property. Real property refers to land and any structures or improvements permanently attached to the land, such as buildings, homes, or fences. On the other hand, personal property refers to any property that is movable and not permanently attached to land or buildings, such as furniture, vehicles, equipment and inventory, as well as intangible items such as patents and copyrights.

The property tax rate in Georgia varies by county and is expressed as a percentage of the property's assessed value. The assessed value is determined by the local tax assessor's office and represents the estimated market value of the property.  A millage rate is a property tax rate expressed in mills, or thousandths of a dollar. It is used to calculate property taxes owed by property owners based on the assessed value of their property.

Freeport Inventory Tax Exemption

Georgia businesses pay no state property taxes on inventory held in their factories and warehouses. In many Georgia counties, inventory is exempt from local property taxes as well. The city offers a 100% Freeport exemption on all qualifying inventories. There are three categories of property that qualify for the exemption.

How to Apply

Freeport Inventory Tax Exemptions are processed by the Cobb County Tax Assessor's Office and completed forms must be filed between January 1 and April 1. Visit the Cobb County Tax Assessor's website to download an Application for Freeport Exemption and view frequently asked questions.

Eligible Inventory

A Freeport Exemption may exempt the following types of tangible personal property:

  • Inventory of finished goods manufactured or produced in Georgia held by the manufacturer or producer for a period not to exceed 12 months.
  • Inventory of finished goods on January 1 that are stored in a warehouse, dock, or wharf that are destined for shipment outside of Georgia for a period not to exceed 12 months.
  • Inventory of goods in the process of being manufactured or produced including raw materials and partly finished goods.

City of Marietta Property Tax Allocation

As of 2022, the total property tax rate in Marietta is 31.247 mills. This includes the millage rates for the City of Marietta (4.817 mills), Cobb County (8.46 mills), and the Marietta City School District (17.97 mills). If located within one of the boundaries, properties may be subject to an additional millage rate for the Downtown Development Authority (1.647 mills) and the Gateway Marietta CID (5 mills) also.

Marietta City Schools17.97-17.97
Cobb County8.46-8.46
If applicable:

Marietta Gateway CID5.00-5.00

The tax rates in Marietta are set by the Marietta City Schools Board of Education, Marietta City Council, the Gateway Marietta CID, the Downtown Marietta Development Authority, and the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. Property owners should contact the Marietta Tax Division or Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office for more information on their specific property tax obligations. For questions about property valuations, property owners should contact the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office. City of Marietta assessed property taxes are due in October of each year.