Support Services

The Support Services Division manages administrative functions that support Uniform Patrol and Investigative Services. Their responsibilities include property and evidence, training, records, accreditation, homeland security, permits, technology, fleet maintenance, and public information. Additionally, personnel are assigned to support the municipal court and probation department.

Training Unit

The training unit, which is comprised of a sergeant and four officers, is responsible for developing roll call, in-service, and mandate-style courses for both sworn and non-sworn personnel. The training unit also helps review current case law, departmental complaints, and use-of-force incidents to address any identified patterns through training. One of the training unit's officers serves at the regional police academy as an instructor.

Public Information Officer (PIO)

The Public Information Officer serves as the Police Department's voice to the community. They are responsible for media relations which includes press releases, on-air/ on-camera interviews, social media posts, and the internal department newsletter. This position builds a strong relationship with the media and provides information to the public in a timely manner. Contact Marietta Police PIO McPhilamy via email.

Accreditation Manager

One officer is assigned as the department's accreditation and certification manager and is responsible for ensuring that the department's policies and practices reflect current national accreditation and state certification standards. The department is both nationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and state-certified through the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP).

Court & Probation Services

One officer serves as a court liaison and one officer serves as a warrant officer. These officers are responsible for handling court-related duties required of the police department, including courtroom security, and serving city arrest warrants.

Fleet Maintenance

One civilian employee serves as a fleet maintenance technician and coordinates the repair, maintenance, and replacement of department vehicles and vehicle equipment.

Homeland Security

One lieutenant serves as the homeland security coordinator and is responsible for keeping department personnel informed of homeland security issues while also completing site surveys of government buildings and other high-profile targets within the city.

Permit & ID Office

One civilian serves as the permit and ID technician and issues permits for taxis, taxi drivers, alcohol managers, and pawn shop employees who are employed by an approved licensed business within the City of Marietta.

Evidence/Property Unit

The evidence/property technicians are two civilians who are responsible for the processing, storage, and transportation of evidence/property to the state crime lab. They also serve as quartermasters for department personnel.

Technology Manager

Technology is integrated into every facet of society, including law enforcement. The Technology Manager is a lieutenant who maintains the existing technology within the police department, researches new technology, and implements the use of newly purchased technology through the department.