What to Expect in Court

On your court date:
  • Arrive on time. Cases are generally processed in the order of your arrival.
  • Plan to remain in court four to five hours; cell phone should be off or in the silent mode. Please dress appropriately. Appropriate apparel does not include shorts, tank tops, hats (other than for religious purposes), non-prescription sunglasses, low cut or see-through clothing.
  • The judge and prosecutor will conduct a general speech explaining general information.
  • Your charges will be read to you and you will be asked how you would like to plea to the charges (guilty, not guilty, or nolo).
  • If desired, you will have an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor in court after first waiving your rights to an attorney.
  • You will have an opportunity to reschedule your case to seek legal advice, etc.
  • Court staff cannot provide legal advice.