Parking Ticket Violations

Parking Tickets

Most violations are enforced through electronic monitoring of parking areas primarily in downtown Marietta.

  • Payment of civil penalty for parking will not become part of a person's driving record or used by insurance companies in calculating motor vehicle insurance premiums or result in criminal conviction.
  • Violations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • The fine amount is shown on the parking violation.
  • Payment is due within 10 days of when parking violation was issued.
  • Late fees will be incurred if fine is not paid by due date shown on parking violation. Unpaid violations may be transferred to collection agency or reported to credit bureaus.
  • Accumulation of 5 or more unpaid parking violations will result in additional penalties and immobilization and/or towing/impoundment of your vehicle.

Pay Parking Ticket Online

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Appeal Parking Ticket Online
Appeal Online

Pay by Phone

Phone payments are not available at this time.

Payment by Mail

Payments by mail must be received on or before due date. Money order or cashier's check (no personal check/do not mail cash). Include violation and tag number, your name and current mailing address with your payment:

Marietta Municipal Court

240 Lemon Street

Marietta, GA 30060

Payment in Person

You may pay in person with cash, money order, cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. No personal checks.

Dispute the Violation in Person or by Mail

You may submit a Notice of Appeal (PDF) within 10 days of date of violation. A court date will be assigned that requires your appearance. You may mail to:

Marietta Municipal Court

240 Lemon Street

Marietta, GA 30060

Appearing in Court

Cell phones should be off or in silent mode; plan to remain in court 4 or 5 hours. Please dress appropriately. Appropriate apparel does not include shorts, tank tops, hats (other than for religious purposes), non-prescription sunglasses, low cut or see through clothing.

Parking Violation Questions

Call 770-794-5400 with any parking violation questions.

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