Property Locating Services

The Authority offers a complimentary property location service for business and industry. New development and renovated historical buildings give Marietta a wide variety of spaces in which a business can be located.

Businesses seeking the utility of state-of-the-art facilities can easily find accommodations along with those businesses that may want to operate within the charm of a building dating back to the 19th century.

A business can choose the urban center of downtown, or the space of an office park on the outskirts. Marietta is home to all types of business, including agricultural, industrial, retail and service.

Marietta has all of the necessary resources available to allow your business to be as successful as possible.


Freeport Ad Valorem Tax Exemption

The city offers a 100% Freeport exemption on all qualifying inventories. Three general categories of property qualify for the exemption: manufacturer's raw materials and goods in process; finished goods less than 12 months old held by the manufacturer; or finished goods held by distributors, wholesalers, or manufacturers destined for out-of-state shipment.

Bond Financing / Leaseback Program

Contact our staff liaison for more information on this program.

Other Incentives