Crowd Manager Program

Public Assemblies

In accordance with the International Fire Code, which is adopted and modified as Georgia State Law (OCGA §25-2-4), crowd managers must be provided for every 250 people where the occupant load of the space is greater than 100; except for the exclusive use of religious worship, and greater than an occupant load of 2000. Additionally, the code requires that these crowd managers and/or crowd manager supervisors must receive approved training.

Crowd Manager Criteria

If your establishment meets this criteria, and you are looking for crowd manager certification to meet this new code requirement then you can visit the Crowd Manager Training website. This online program has been approved by the National Association of State Fire Marshals, including the Georgia State Fire Marshal, and the Marietta Fire Marshal, for crowd manager certification. Please ensure that this certificate, once obtained, is always available for inspection.

Crowd Manager Certificate Submittal

If you, or your staff, has completed Crowd Manager training, certificates can be submitted through the link below.
Submit Crowd Manager Certificates

If you have any questions, you can contact the Marietta Fire Marshal's Office at 770-794-5466.