A Word About Fitness

The steps you took to prepare for the entrance physical agility test should pale in comparison to the workout regime that you utilize in preparation for Marietta’s Recruit School. Nearly every day as part of the recruit school schedule, instructors lead Firefighter Recruits in extremely intense workouts. The program our Recruits follow varies with WODs from CrossFit, runs at Kennesaw Mountain, as well as other fitness elements. To see actual footage of these grueling workouts, log on to www.CrossFit.com

Many of the CrossFit exercises and Workouts of the Day (WODs) mimic the exhaustive work that Firefighters perform. The workouts push Firefighters to a level of fatigue that they often face during firefighting operations; when an individual is able to go beyond that extreme limit in the fitness room, he or she can use that tenacity to do the same when physically and mentally taxed on the fire ground. Practicing this skill is critical for the life of the individual, but also other Firefighters and the civilians he or she has sworn to protect

Actual Comments about Marietta Fire Department’s Fire Recruit School from Former Recruits

  • The intensity of the program was at a really good level as far as the physical demands and the pressure of knowing all the information to do the job right.
  • It would be helpful to have a list of exercises before recruit school starts so that I could prepare myself for the copious amounts of pull-ups and push-ups.
  • It is motivating to have your instructor working out with you, knowing that he’s right there next to you, sweating and doing the same exercises and workout that you are.
  • I should have been in better condition before I entered training.
  • Earlier in the course, I would have said that the instructors are too mean to the students, but I learned that it’s done for a reason-to really see what we’re made of.
  • I have been more than impressed with the Brotherhood of the entire Marietta Fire Department.
  • These past three months have been a great experience.