"I am honored and privileged to be a part of the Marietta Fire Department.  I count my blessings, not just because of the awful jobs I've had in the past, but because I love the job. Many other departments are understaffed or are furloughing firefighters; we are lucky enough to avoid that.  When I think about the people I am surrounded by and the opportunities here, I cannot imagine a better department to work for."

Andy Burch, Class of 2008

"I knew Marietta Fire was where I wanted to be after stopping by station 51 one day.  Just talking to the firefighters and employees made me realize how tight their family really is.  I have lived near Marietta for many years now and I know that the city takes care of its employees. This department, to me, is just the right size.  After being on shift for only a few months now, I can say that I comfortably know everybody in the entire department…where else are you going to find the chief working out with you in the morning?    

Both the training we had received in recruit school and our continuing education and training is some of the best in the state. Almost all of our training was in-house and we got the chance to work with the latest tools and equipment. There are so many opportunities to move up in this department and to be a part of different specialty teams such as: Tactical Rescue Team, HAZMAT, SWAT Medic, BERT. I am also looking forward to becoming a Relief Driver in the next few months. There is always something to achieve and goals to set at MFD.

The biggest reason why I chose Marietta (and I stand behind my decision) was all the good things I heard by word of mouth. I hope these words that I pass on will help potential recruits see how MFD is one of the finest departments in Georgia!"

Mehrdad Compani-Tabrizi, Class of 2008

"I've worked for MFD [since 2004] now and believe that it is the best department in the metro area. Our equipment and training is top notch.  Marietta is a progressive fire department with a rich history and tradition. With 6 stations, we are large enough for multiple career paths and promotional opportunities, yet small enough to feel like a family.  I look forward to coming to work each day and am excited about my future with MFD."

Blaine Whealy, Class of 2004

"After serving in the military for six years, I began seeking a career that could provide a brotherhood comparable with what I had in the service.  I was able to find that here at the Marietta Fire Department.  The numerous training opportunities and the variety of calls makes the Marietta Fire Department a very fulfilling place to work.  I can honestly say this is the first job I've ever had that I always look forward to going to work. It is a truly rewarding career."

Brad Wood, Class of 2006