Fire Watch

The Marietta Fire Prevention and Protection Code states that when a life safety system is subjected to an unplanned impairment for longer than 10-hours in a 24-hour period, the impairment coordinator (owner’s representative) may request fire watch for the building, or effected portion thereof, in lieu of evacuation.

 FIRE WATCH: A temporary measure (30-days or less) intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or portion thereof by one or more qualified individuals for the purposes of identifying and controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, raising an alarm of fire, and notifying the fire department.

 DUTIES: The following is a list of duties that a person or persons performing fire watch is responsible for.  The assigned person/s shall not be assigned to any other duties and:

  • shall conduct systematic surveillance each hour of the property, building or a portion of the building;
  • shall have the means to immediately contact 911 when a fire or similar emergencies occur;
  • shall notify occupants of an emergency and instruct occupants to evacuate the building;
  • shall have the knowledge, skill, and ability to operate a fire extinguisher for the purpose of extinguishing small fires;
  • shall be responsible for keeping a logbook for recording the following information:
  • Name of assigned person
  • Date of surveillance
  • Time of surveillance
  • Conditions (i.e. no fire detected at this time);
  • shall update the logbook hourly during the time the building is occupied; and
  • shall ensure the Public Notice is posted and visible to the public at each building entrance.

 The Fire Watch log shall be updated and maintained on the property for inspection for the entire duration of the Fire Watch.  Additional copies of the log as well as this document can be found at   If a company is hired to conduct a fire watch, their contact information shall be forwarded to MFD.

 To discontinue the fire watch once the fire protection system is returned to service, your service provider must report a Service Ticket to our third-party reporting provider,   Fire watch must continue until properly reported by your fire/life safety service provider.

 Failing to comply with the requirements of Fire Watch is a criminal offence.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Marietta Fire Marshal’s Office at (770)794-5466.  Dial 911 for emergencies.

Fire Watch Documents