The Planning and Zoning Division safeguards the life, public health, aesthetic quality and welfare by regulating all signs and outdoor advertising structures to eliminate visual clutter and blight within the city. The regulated factors include construction, illumination, location, maintenance, number, quality of materials, size, and height. The Planning & Zoning Division promotes the safety of persons and property by ensuring signs do not create traffic or other hazards because of collapse, fire, visual obstruction, decay or abandonment.

Steps for obtaining a permit for a permanent sign:

  1. Create an online account at Sages.
  2. Apply for a Building Permit. *
  3. Indicate type of sign within brief description section of the application. (i.e. wall sign, monument sign, canopy, projecting sign etc.)
  4. Indicate the cost of construction.
  5. Upload the signed and completed Sign Permit Application / Billboard Sign Application plus any required documents listed on the relevant application.
  6. Submit Application.
  7. After approval – payment is due. Please contact the Building Department for fee at 770-794-5659.

*Please submit a building permit and sign permit application packet for each wall elevation. Freestanding signs shall be permitted separately.

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