Telecommunication Towers

Telecommunication towers are permitted, pursuant to those additional restrictions listed herein, in zoning districts including:
  • Central business district (CBD)
  • Community retail commercial (CRC)
  • Heavy industrial (HI)
  • Light industrial (LI)
  • Office high rise (OHR)
  • Office services (OS)
  • Regional retail commercial (RRC)

Special Land Use Permit

A special land use permit granted by City Council shall be required for the construction of all new communications towers within the city limits after the specific factors are reviewed. All applications submitted to the Planning and Zoning Division shall include a complete inventory of the applicant's existing towers and receiver/transmitters located within Cobb County including each asset's location, height and co-location usage or capabilities.

Administrative Approval

Applications for modifications to an existing tower or base station that is not deemed a substantial change can be submitted online through the City's Building Permit office