Business SAFE (Safety Awareness & Fire Education)

Be MFD Safe - Safety Awareness and Fire Education

Commercial Occupancies

In an attempt to meet the needs of businesses set forth by insurance companies and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Marietta Fire Department offers several fire prevention and safety programs.

Business Emergency Preparedness Assistance

Fire Prevention personnel will visit your business and help business owners prepare for possible emergencies. During the visit, businesses are provided a pre-loaded USB Drive, shown here, that will store documents important to your business. This USB can be used in the event of an emergency to keep your business running. Documents to keep on the drive include:


  • Business Emergency Action Plans
  • Computer Inventory List
  • Business Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Impact Analysis (What impact would different scenarios have on your business)
  • Important Contacts List
  • Plenty of room to store digital copies of important documents like deeds, business licenses, etc.
  • Crowd Manager Information
  • Fire Extinguisher Training Records (OSHA Requirement)

For More information contact Fire Prevention at 770-794-5466

View a printable version of the Business SAFE flyer (PDF).

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training is accomplished with a short lecture, video demonstration and live fire training simulator. If a business chooses this type of training they have the option to provide enough carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for the employees participating or they can elect to use pressurized water-training fire extinguishers provided by the Marietta Fire Department. The lecture and the video discuss the different classifications of fires and fire extinguishers so that participants select the proper fire extinguisher.

The participants also learn the appropriate method for using the fire extinguisher and techniques for extinguishing a fire. After the classroom portion, each employee has the opportunity to use the fire extinguisher and extinguish a controlled fire. The hands-on training is not required, the lesson and video can be used alone.

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Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills and escape plans can be observed and critiqued by firefighters at the location of the business. A fire safety program can be given to the employees before or after the drills to emphasize the importance of participating in the drills.

Escape plans for each business will be different and should be suited to the needs of that business. The Marietta Fire Department will review plans with the business and make suggestions as necessary. A Fire Drill Evaluation Form (PDF) can be downloaded to ensure compliance with the International Fire Code Section 405.

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The Marietta Fire Department offers fire safety education to suit other needs businesses may have. For more information, call the Marietta Fire Prevention Bureau at 770-794-5466.