With CDBG funds, the City of Marietta supports a variety of different activities. Each funding cycle, 15% of the funds are allocated towards Public Services, and are awarded to eligible non profits through a competitive grant process. Common CDBG Public Services activities include, but are not limited to: employment services, child care, health services, education programs and recreation programs. The City of Marietta Community Development Division administers the remaining funds based on goals listed in the Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan. Currently, the following programs are available: 

Housing Rehabilitation

Public Works & Facilities

All projects using CDBG funds have to meet a national objective, and must serve primarily low-to moderate- income individuals. Each year, HUD releases new income limits based on household size and total household income. 2022 Income Limits

Current PY22 (July 2022-June 2023) Funding Allocations:

Source of Funds

Grant Award

Use of Funds




Admin & Planning

Activity Service Delivery

Housing Rehabilitation

ELD-Emergency Grant

Homeownership Assistance

Public Works & Facilities

Public Services