"Keep it Clean" Program

About the "Keep it Clean" Program

The "Keep it Clean" Program is a program that the city of Marietta has been sponsoring since the mid 1990s to help educate Marietta's citizens about storm water pollution. The purpose of the program is to inform the public that the only thing that needs to go into a storm drain is storm water.

Marietta's Public Works Department has been providing storm drain markers to volunteers throughout the Marietta community. These volunteers have been placing curb markers next to storm drains in their neighborhoods. The markers have the message "Keep It Clean" "Drains to Chattahoochee" and "Keep it Clean" "Drains to Allatoona." This reminds people that the water entering the storm drains flows directly to nearby lakes and streams and not to treatment plants.
Keep it Clean Program Logo

How Can I Help?

You can help by volunteering to place "Keep It Clean" markers throughout the city of Marietta. Many homeowner associations have already participated in this effort, but many other areas still need markers. Some of these locations include our industrial and commercial areas, as well as many of the main roadways in our community. So even if the storm drains on your street have been marked, you can still help out in the areas that have not been marked yet. In addition to this, the Public Works Department will make the "Keep it Clean" markers available to any businesses that wish to promote clean water by installing "Keep It Clean" markers in their parking lots or by distributing the markers to their employees and customers.

We have refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers and door hangers that we also distribute to the community. We also have children's activity booklets that are distributed to the Marietta School System and to any other children who would like one.

We will be glad to help anyone who is interested in this program get all of the information and supplies that they need. Anyone who would like to volunteer to place markers, distribute the magnets, stickers or activity booklets can contact the Public Works Department.

View the NPDES Activity Booklet (PDF).