Zoning Complaints & Violations

The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints or violations relevant to:
  1. Permitted uses allowed in zoning districts, for example:
  2. Unapproved businesses operating in a residential area are prohibited (Please contact the Marietta Business License Division 770-794-5520)
  3. Conversion of a single-family dwelling into apartments or duplexes
  4. Outside storage is not allowed in yards, open carports or porches
  5. Setback encroachments and/or other development standards
  6. Location of accessory buildings or structures (such as satellite dishes)
  7. Supplementary district regulations
  8. Vehicles for sale are not allowed on vacant property or shopping center parking lots
  9. All operable vehicles must be parked on a hardened driveway or treated surface
    • Vehicles are not allowed on grass
    • Vehicles must be parked on concrete, brick or asphalt
    • View ordinance
  10. Variances and special stipulations
  11. Businesses are compatible with zoning districts.
    • Prior to beginning a project please contact the Planning and Zoning Department to confirm zoning and usage of property.

Avoiding Additional Expenses

To avoid additional expenses have the Planning and Zoning and Public Works Departments review project plans before beginning.