Vision Statement 2

We are a dynamic business center that has retail, offices, and environmentally friendly industry in appropriate places. We honor our past, preserve our history, and welcome the future, by embracing technology.


  • Encourage a diverse and vibrant local economy that provides meaningful employment for our citizens.
  • Encourage redevelopment with a mixture of uses, while strengthening viable neighborhoods and commercial areas.
  • Work with property owners and developers to make sure new development is well-planned and harmonious with existing structures in appearance, including landscapes.
  • Encourage quality architecture and construction in development and redevelopment projects.
  • Work to continue the preservation of historically significant resources
  • Partner with existing business and industry to encourage the retention and expansion of jobs.
  • Support community partners in developing the city's workforce in a way that meets the needs of existing and potential industry.
  • Attract business and industry that are compatible with and add value to the character and resources of the area.
  • Support road network connectivity in a way that encourages revitalization of areas in need.
  • Embrace new technology and cutting-edge practices to extend the highest level of service to residents and businesses.
  • Develop a business environment that attracts and cultivates a highly-skilled workforce and technology-based industries.