Vision Statement 6

We are a hub of activity, where traffic, transit, and pedestrians move about easily and safely. In designing our transportation system, we place a high premium on the quality of life of our citizens.


  • Enhance pedestrian crossings across major intersections.
  • Reconstruct all existing roads greater than two-lanes using complete street standards. Where not practical, reconstruct all existing roads greater than two lanes as tree-lined streets.
  • Design all new roads greater than two-lanes using complete street standards, where possible.
  • Support the creation of a trolley bus system to operate in and around the city.
  • Support new downtown parking strategies to alleviate parking challenges, the design of which will be integrated with commercial development.
  • Continue to expand and connect the city's trail system in a way that fosters recreation opportunities and transportation alternatives, including linkages to neighboring trails and other points of interest.
  • Marietta will be a city that implements walkability, bicycle use, sidewalks, electric vehicles and carts, and safe crossings in its street designs, both private and public roads (collectively known as "Walkability"). Said implementation shall be included in public works projects, zoning, commercial usage, and residential usage, both owner-occupied neighborhoods and multifamily neighborhoods. Walkability shall be implemented as a component in redesigning and in new projects as well.