Vision Statement 5

We offer housing for people of all ages, incomes, and ethnic backgrounds, so that generations of families can live within our city. We recognize the importance of homeownership and our vision is that a majority of our residences will be owner-occupied.


  • Strive for a majority of the city's homes to be owner-occupied.
  • Continue to convert selected parcels of deteriorated multi-family housing located on Franklin Road into new developments that will stabilize and enhance the local economy.
  • Continue to encourage diverse housing options in the downtown area and encourage quality housing throughout the city.
  • Work with public and private partners to encourage the development of quality, multi-tiered housing at various price points for all members of our community.
  • Continue to educate residents and homebuyers to strengthen their ability to buy, retain and maintain their homes.
  • Continue to work with the Marietta Housing Authority and other agencies to redevelop and revitalize the Franklin Road, Roswell Street, Allgood Road, Powder Springs Road, and Roswell Road/Cobb Parkway corridors as well as other areas of our city.
  • Ensure safe housing for all residents.
  • Continue to encourage the rehabilitation or removal of substandard rental properties throughout the city.