Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA)


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • The 2nd Thursday
  • Marietta History Center
    1 Depot Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
  • Quorum - 4 members for ordinary business; majority for issuance of revenue bonds, notes or other obligations.

2023 Digest and 5 Year History


Contact Information
Ex Officio Members
Lisa Cupid

Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman
Term: Virtue of Office

100 Cherokee Street
Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30060

 Email Lisa Cupid

Bus: 770-528-3305
Fax: 770-528-2606
Steve "Thunder" Tumlin - SecretaryCity of Marietta Mayor
Term: Virtue of Office
205 Lawrence Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Steve Tumlin

Bus: 770-794-5502
Fax: 770-794-5505
Downtown Business Owners
Thomas J. Browning, Esq. - Chairman

Browning and Smith
Term expires 1/2026

31 Atlanta Street
Suite 201
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Thomas Browning

Bus: 770-424-1500
Johnny Fulmer
Marietta Square Farmer's Market
Term expires 1/2024
65 Church Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Johnny Fulmer

Bus: 770-596-9731
Fax: 770-499-9577

Kelly Contreras

Marietta Pizza Company
Term expires 1/2025
19 N Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Kelly Contreras

Bus: 678-923-6234

Downtown Property Owners
Tyler Browning - Secretary

Browning and Smith
Term expires1/2026

31 Atlanta Street
Suite 201
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Tyler Browning

Bus: 770-615-6049
J. Alfred Johnson, Esq. - Vice Chairman
Term expires 1/2025
261 Washington Avenue
Marietta, GA 30060

Email J. Johnson

Bus: 770-422-5494
Fax: 770-422-5495
Paula Goldstein Shea - Treasurer
c/o of Goldstein's Inc.
Term expires 1/2024
58 South Park Square
Suite P
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Paula Shea

Bus: 770-428-5313
Fax: 770-428-5322
Betsy Kelley
Marietta City Hall
205 Lawrence Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Email Betsy Kelley
Bus: 770-794-5502
Fax: 770-794-5505

Tom Cauthorn
Cauthorn, Nohr and O'Dell
Physical Address: 201 Cherokee Street, 30060
Mailing Address: 212 Church Street, 30060

Email Tom Cauthorn
Bus: 770-528-0150
Fax: 678-501-5296

This Authority consists of 8 members:

  • Mayor of Marietta
  • Chairman Cobb County Commissioners
  • Three elected by property owners
  • Three elected by owners of business establishments whose principal place of business is located within the downtown district.


Members of this authority serve 3 years, the mayor and chairman of Cobb Commissioners by virtue of office.


Compensation for this authority is not defined for members; for officers, agents and employees appointed by the Authority compensation as provided by the Authority.


Download and submit an application to join this Authority (PDF) to the City Clerk's Office.


By caucus election annually of each owner group at such time and place as designated by Authority after giving written notice to participants prior to caucus. Notice of caucus election to be published once a week during 2 calendar weeks immediately preceding caucus. Elections generally held the 2nd Thursday in January at 7 p.m. Act Number 840, GA Law 1971, p. 3459; amended March 13, 1978, GA Law 1978, p. 3642; approved March 25, 1980, GA Law 1980, p. 3866; approved March 2, 1983, GA Law 1983, p. 3563.


The Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA) was created by Constitutional Amendment and implemented by the General Assembly for the purpose of the redevelopment of the Downtown Marietta District. Generally for private property projects and promotions, its area of service is limited to the downtown Marietta district (as set forth in Section 4.203 of the Marietta Municipal Code); and for governmental projects within the entire City of Marietta (Section 4.203A).

In the downtown Marietta district, its powers and duties include, among other things, to buy, acquire, develop, improve, own, operate, mortgage, etc. land, buildings and property of all kinds, to employ engineers and planners, contract for construction of buildings and roads, issue bonds and/or revenue certificates (Section 4.205). The downtown Marietta district is a special tax district in which the Authority may levy and collect taxes based on the County's tax digest; and exercise eminent domain for acquiring property (Section 4.204).

DMDA District Awning & Signage Grant

The Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA) continuously seeks ways to encourage further economic development in historic downtown Marietta Square and surrounding district properties. The DMDA is currently offering a 50/50 matching grant (up to $2,000) for business owners located within the DMDA District who would like to enhance the appearance of their storefront by improving their signage and/or awnings. For more information, email Marietta's Economic Development Division or call at 770-794-5512.